UCSF in general and the iMicro program in particular consider mentoring and championing an essential part of our core mission.  One of the distinguishing features of UCSF is that we want all of our trainees to succeed and reach their goals, whether they be an academic/faculty position, biotech and pharma, teaching, or other science-related careers.  Graduate students have consistent advising throughout their PhD program including guidance from their research mentor as well as their thesis committee.  While postdoctoral mentoring has historically been the sole domain of the lab PI, the iMicro program faculty and leadership have launched a new postdoctoral mentoring program.  Postdoctoral fellows in iMicro labs are provided the opportunity to be paired with an iMicro program faculty member other than their lab head. This secondary mentor meets with the postdoctoral fellow at least once per year to discuss career goals and progress, utilizing an IDP. In addition, trainee presentations in the iMicro weekly seminar series are coordinated so that the mentor can attend and provide feedback. The mentor also agrees to provide help in preparing a job talk when the time comes.

UCSF has a number of mentoring resources - please see the following for more information: