Seminar Series

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Date Speaker Title Institution
9/27/2022 Peter Peters Rescheduled  
10/4/2022 Angela Phillips "Epistasis mediates trade-offs between immune escape and ACE2 affinity for SARS-CoV-2" UCSF
10/11/2022 Filipa Rijo Ferreira "Circadian Rhythms in Parasitic Diseases" UC Berkeley
10/18/2022 Louise Glass "License to Kill: A role for innate immunity in allorecognition in fungi" UC Berkeley
10/25/2022 Karine Gibbs "Flexible interactions expand a bacterial immunity protein's protection" UC Berkeley
11/1/2022 Jonas Cremer "Bacterial growth behavior in and out of steady state - from cell-physiological analyses to a predictive understanding" Stanford
11/8/2022 Eva Harris "The Flavivirus NS1 protein: Mechanisms of pathogenesis of a viral toxin that can be targeted for protection" UC Berkeley
11/15/2022 Greg Barton Rescheduled UC Berkeley
11/22/2022 Ivan Dikic Rescheduled Goethe University
11/29/2022 Holiday    
12/6/2022 Catera Wilder “Dynamic control of signaling networks: uncovering specificity in interferon-mediated gene expression responses” UCSF
12/13/2022 Jonathan Abraham "Mechanisms of immune evasion by the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein" Harvard
12/20/2022 Holiday    
12/27/2022 Holiday    
1/3/2023 Holiday    
1/10/2023 Leonor Garcia-Bayona

“Role of mobile genes in the community interactions of the intestinal microbiota”

1/17/2023 Catherine Blish "Modeling COVID-19 pathogenesis" Stanford
1/24/2023 Sam Sternberg "Discovery and development of CRISPR-associated transposases for RNA-guided DNA integration" Columbia
2/14/2023 Natalie Whitis "Sorting Out Sorting Nexins: Understanding the role of the ESCPE-1 complex in Chlamydia trachomatis infection" UCSF - Agard Lab
2/21/2023 Lindsey Pieper "The anaerobic metabolism regulator fnr is necessary for the degradation of food dyes and drugs by Escherichia coli" UCSF - Turnbaugh Lab
2/28/2023 Rosa Rodriguez "Discovery of a new family of virulence factors in the human fungal pathogen Histoplasma capsulatum" UCSF - Sil Lab
3/7/2023 Blake Wiedenheft "Mechanisms of CRISPR-mediated immunity and applications beyond editing" Montana State University
3/14/2023 Grant Jensen “Visualizing large macromolecular machines directly inside cells with electron cryo-tomography: the bacterial Type IV secretion system and mammalian IRE-1.” CalTech
3/21/2023 Jonathan Pruneda “Pathogenic bacteria make surgical strikes on host ubiquitin signaling” Oregon Health and Science University
3/28/2023 Isaac Chiu "Nociceptor neuron regulation of barrier immunity and host defense" Harvard
4/4/2023 Dominique Missiakis "Staphylococcus aureus: Portrait of a pathogen" University of Chicago
4/11/2023 Sarkis Mazmanian “The Gut Microbiome Impacts Symptoms and Pathophysiology in a Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease” CalTech
4/18/2023 Erin McCaffrey Sandler Fellow Candidate - "Spatially dissecting the immunological ecosystem of Tuberculosis" Stanford University
4/25/2023 CJ Guo

"Using Genetics to Explore Microbe-Host Interaction at the Moleculal Level"



Ivan Dikic “Regulation of host-pathogen interaction via ubiquitination" Goethe Univeresity
5/9/2023 Asma Hatoum-Aslan “Mechanisms of defense and counter-defense in the battle between bacteria and their viruses” University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
5/16/2023 Sarah Heater "The disturbed genome of Histoplasma" UCSF - Sil Lab
5/23/2023 Tom Moss "Investigations into Hsc70 phosphorylation and its role in the DNA damage response" UCSF - Mukherjee Lab
5/30/2023 Sophie Helaine "The disturbed genome of Histoplasma" Harvard University